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Foto Model Hot Novie Amelia

"Five years ago he never graced the cover POPULAR sexy bikini clad, as well as to debut the magazine posed on an adult male at a very young age. Now he is back to up to do and invite you to witness the changes. Yes, of course now he's added maturity and adulthood. "
YOU should try typing a keyword in the search engine Novie Amelia now. In a split second, comes news and images about it. Yes, in the virtual world very popular figure and imaged as The Hottest Bikini Models. Pose the most challenging and teasing is taken from your favorite magazines this documentation.


They say you have time to vacuum from the world of photo model?
Yes, since two years ago, so I miss being photographed. Only now I could bring myself again for the photos.

If I may know what the reason?
At that time I was angry when I paired the photo section, but now I try to struggle, if indeed he love me, you should thank me as I am. Albumku also broken in the middle of the road because of courtship.

Oooh yes, tell dong about the album!
In 2008 I was offered the management to make a pop album Dangdut, by chance I also like to Dangdut, so I accept. Her album titled 'Rump Semok'. NSP, video clips, tv and radio campaigns all have lived, but not the spirit in the middle of the road for dating, hi .. hi .. hi ..

Oh yeah? Too bad ..
At that time I did not focus on so mind branched. Honestly, when I was less confident, because I never knew vocal technique. After that the management team to bring the three teachers assigned to teach singing for me. After all that time I was a child, not to think so singer truth.


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