Mau pilih Merknya atau Ceweknya??Liat Fotonya neh

The T-shirt tag lines and graphics haven't been so intimidating than the ones featured in this set. It truly highlights as to how the tech savvy girls can transform themselves to sport their browsers. So be it Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari there are maniac girls out there who are ready to show off the custom logos on their T-shirts.
Keep wondering as to what all would replace the monotonous graphics on their wear. Probably a hybrid set of images of personalities along with custom software would be up next! The new line of jazzy shirts for women folks is already a hit in the market. Would you try these or ignore the modernity behind it?
After Internet Addiction
Firefox Girl
Safari Girl
Internet Explorer Girl
To which browser she is more inclined keep on buzzing?

Admin 15 Mar, 2012


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